Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Fruit?: Facts for Every Dog Owner

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Fruit- What If They Have-

Kiwis are the small pack of happiness. Kiwi – a furry fruit with the attractive green color and pinch of black dots. Kiwi offers plenty of health benefits because it contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and many nutrients. It is a favorite fruit for many people as it delivers sweet and somewhat unusual taste.

This tropical fruit is also versatile in nature. You can eat it whole, cut in some cool shapes, in the form of juice, blend into a puree, and even add into a smoothie. Kiwis are also useful in some fruit decorations. But what about animals? Many of our readers ask us Can dogs eat kiwi? Here is the answer to this controversial question.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Fruit?

When it comes to the dogs, Kiwis do not make much sense. Though this fruit is full of vitamin C, potassium, fiber and beta-carotene, unlike humans, dogs do not need this fruit for their nutritional requirements. You can occasionally feed your dog with this fruit. They do not need any kiwi for their daily food consumption, but if you still want to give, first you have to make sure that your dog’s stomach is allowing it.

For nutritional benefits of your dog, meat is the most beneficial food because of its protein sources. Fruits and vegetables may be used for some extra vitamins or some other supplements, but not so necessary. One more thing you need to take care is that the seeds of kiwi may contain toxins within them; so remove seeds before feeding the dogs.

Kiwi is full of Vitamin-C. But your dog can produce Vitamin-C by own and don’t need any external source for that. Moreover, kiwis are expensive. This fruit costs high and may not fit in your budget for your dog’s diet. When it is not required and not so helpful, then kiwi for dogs is not a good option, Right?

There are many other fruits beneficial to your favorite companion. Fruits which can help your dog to be fit and fine are;

  •    Apples,
  •    Bananas,
  •    Blackberries,
  •    Blueberries,
  •    Cantaloupe,
  •    Cranberries,
  •    Oranges,
  •    Pears,
  •    Pumpkin,
  •    Raspberries,
  •    Strawberries,
  •    Watermelon, etc.

What If They Have?

Kiwi is not going to kill your dog. Dogs’ digestion system is active, and most dogs do not fall ill only because of the fruits, but the quantity should be minimum. So never get confused regarding the question like can dogs eat kiwi fruit or now! Dogs can surely eat kiwi fruit by understanding your dog’s liking. Kiwi is surely not an appetizer for your dog. Dog loves those food items which resemble, taste and smell like meat.

Dogs receive nutrition from their diet and not require any human food for any extra health benefits. If your dog lacks vitamin or has some special needs, to add a small amount of kiwi fruit in their diet will not harm your dog and will improve its health when time passes. You can store kiwi fruits either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Kiwi for dogs may not be a good option, but it is the best option for humans. It can help you to get rid of the issues regarding;

  •    Asthma,
  •    Digestion,
  •    Immune system,
  •    Blood clotting,
  •    Vision loss, etc.

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