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Nowadays, Guinea Pigs are the most favorite pets of many people. They are cute, chubby, and active. People of the U.S. adores them, and they are the highest buyers of Guinea Pig. This breed of pigs is becoming famous day by day!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples

When you have a pet, the whole responsibility of taking care of them is yours. As pets are your favorite and if you are willing to do anything for their health, you must be aware of your beloved pet’s diet first. If we talk about Guinea Pigs, then these small animals love carrots, capsicums, green leaves of veggies, some winter supplements, etc.

But many people have a question in their mind…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Here is the answer.

Yes, Guinea Pigs can have apples. Whether they are green apples or the regular one, this cute pet can eat and digests them quickly.

As we all know, Apple is a nutritious food. There is a saying ‘One apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’ It is true for humans as well as for some animals. Here we are talking about Guinea Pig, apples with high dietary fibers are very healthy for your beloved pigs.

One more thing I want to suggest is that you should never hesitate for asking some good veterinary doctors that Guinea Pigs can have apples or not! Sometimes, some allergies can be done as the digestion system differs with each pet, and with the atmosphere and situation. In the case of any issues, consult the doctor first.

You can even try whether your Guinea Pig can eat apples or not! How? Here is the key…

  • First, try to give tiny pieces of apples to your pic. You can increase the frequency day by day.
  • Also, observe their behaviors. Sometimes, there is some chance that Guinea Pigs don’t like to have apples at all. So do this kind of apple taste test and if the results are positive, then make apples the regular dish for your pet.
  • But you should also take note that, some sources also suggest that Guinea Pigs should not have apples on a daily basis. So it is preferable to feed your pig with apples occasionally.

It is said that Guinea Pigs are born to eat. If an average-sized Guinea Pig eats an apple, it can get an immense amount of vitamin C, but apple seeds may create an adverse effect on the pig’s health in the long term. Apple seeds are poisonous in nature. So if it is not possible for you to remove the seeds, don’t give such apples to your favorite pet even if it likes the apples a lot.

Apart from the apples, you can also feed them with other fruits like

  • bananas,
  • apricots,
  • blueberries,
  • cranberries, etc.

Some doctors and dieticians even suggest leafy vegetables like

  • red cabbage,
  • green cabbage,
  • broccoli,
  • cucumber with peels, etc.


Lastly, I want to say about your cute Guinea Pig is that;

  • be conscious about their diet,
  • follow their routine,
  • feed them well,
  • make their living place or the cage hygienic,
  • keep them clean, and
  • love them a lot!

Ultimately, care is the only therapy they need to be a strong member of your family. It is the general tendency of the animals that when they have an upset stomach, they don’t eat much. Some pets also start to skip meals. But it is not healthy. Sometimes it becomes the reason of their weakness or even death! You should notice such symptoms and try to feed them at certain intervals. Diet is certainly very much important on day to day basis.

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