How much Are Pomsky Puppies?- Know About all Before Buy


Pomsky is the crossbreed of Siberian Husky with a Pomeranian. One of the new designer dogs were an instant hit with people around the world. These cute loving puppies have an attractive bundle of fur. They have become tremendously popular among new dog owners. Many times, it is difficult to find a puppy for sale as they are in huge demand.

How much Are Pomsky Puppies?

Their prices and options come in great variety. They are sold for as low as $1000-$2000 to as high as $5,500 or even more. In the future, the cost may increase due to their popularity. The cost of owning a Pomsky depend on the following factors:

1 Buying

Pomsky price is higher than the average price. Their breeders are rare so they are always in demand. The buyer has to pay an untold amount of money every year along with the designer tag price. Pomsky with blue eyes has a higher premium price.

2 Dog Toys

It is important to keep Pomsky busy as idleness will create a problem for them and the owner. Toys and games for the dog will keep them busy otherwise, they will make toys out of shoes or anything which comes to their way. To teach dog basic things such as to control bladders in the house dog trainers may be needed.

3 Cleaning

Pomsky is a mixed breed so their features, coloration, and fur type cannot be determined. Their thick furs can retain dust and dirt for which grooming services are required to keep them clean and tidy.

4 Dog Walkers

The owners who are busy due to their professional life cannot give much time to Pomsky. As Pomsky puppies are a combination of two breeds so their energy level also varies. They need more attention and care. So, it would be convenient for the owner to arrange for a dog walking service and dog sitters.

5 Diet Dog Food

Pomsky should be fed a low-fat diet full of nutrients that will develop their lavish coat. Food items such as chicken breast, fish, puppy –chows, etc into their diets can prove to be expensive. Owners reward doggy –treats to their dogs for good behavior that will increase the price of the dog food bill.

6 Health Care

Pomsky required vaccines and visits to the dentist for their dental problem like other dogs. They even shed their fur twice a year so the carpet and furniture get untidy of the home. The owner has to spend on the maintenance of the furniture.

7 Miscellaneous things

Pomsky required crate, bed, food bowls, collars, heartworm medicines, shampoos and leashes that require the expenditure of money. The owner has to also look after the costs of licensing the pet before its purchase.


Pomskies are cute and adorable puppies, especially for dog lovers. The best puppy from the most responsible breeder can give satisfaction to the owner’s heart and soul. Taking care of Pomsky is a great work for the owners. Throughout its lifetime, they require proper care and affection which can be possible if the owner manages and plans all things in a systematic manner.

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