How to Make a Whelping Box Without Messing Up? – Know All Reasons

We all need a right mattress to have a good night’s sleep. Same thing applies for pets too. If you have dogs and puppies at home or if your dog is pregnant, then you should get a good quality whelping box for them. There are some options available for whelping boxes; some of them are cheap while some can break your pockets. And if you want to build one at your home, then you should check this guide on how to make a whelping box without messing up.

How to Make a Whelping Box?

If your dog is about to give birth to her puppies, then you should provide comfort of a whelping box to her and her puppies before and after pregnancy, at least for one and a half months after birth. If you don’t have a good plan, then you get it all messed up while building a whelping box. Check this below process to give a comfortable stay to your pet and the puppies.

  • After successfully cutting all the sides, cut the frames to fix them at the sides of the box. Now assemble the whelping box by fixing all the sides and frames with each other using required material and tools.
  • Generally, sheets of plywood come in a 4-foot width, so if you are building a medium or a small sized whelping box, then you will not need to make a two-piece floor. Mark the lines for your measured dimension and cut the pieces.
  • You can build a small or large whelping box depending on the dog breed you have and for which you are building it. For example, if you have large dog breed like a Great Dane, then you should make a whelping box with a dimension of 5x5x18 feet (L x W x H). If you have medium sized dog breed, then build a whelping box with 4×4 feet length by width and a height of one foot. If you have a small breed of dog, then you can make an even smaller sized whelping box.
  • First, remember that a whelping box is for comfort, not for style. So you need not be fancy or make it complicated too much. Keep the basic design in mind of a square shape with raised sides and flat bottom.
  • After you have decided the size of the whelping box and the needed materials (will discuss later), then start the making. Layout the lines for cutting the bottom, front, back, and side panels.
  • Same as the bottom, cut the front, back, right and left sides of the whelping box. Remember that the length should be some extra to that of your pet for giving a comfortable stay and sleep even if it strides. Don’t make finished cuts at first. Adjust the sides with each other and then cut the final end.
  • Don’t forget to make the gate piece to make the go in and out easy.

Tools and materials needed to make a whelping box

  • A Circular saw
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Pieces of lumber in the required size
  • Plywood sheets according to the measurement of your design of the whelping box
  • Wood screws to fix the sides
  • Best super glue for wood
  • Polyurethane
  • Paintbrush, and
  • Sandpaper


If you have decided to make a do-it-yourself project for a whelping box, then you need a proper guidance and right amount of tools and materials. You can also buy a pre-build whelping box for your dog and puppies if you think it will be messy to build on your own. You can also check some videos online to know how the brands make a whelping box without messing up.

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